Park Design

Griffin Bike Park Conceptual Plan:



The 300-acre Griffin Bike Park was designed by Hilride Progression Development Group, LLC to provide riders from all backgrounds, ages, skills and abilities with a wide range of exciting riding opportunities. These include exploring the trails and the unique landscape and ecosystems found within the park, to expanding and progressing riding skills by tackling a wide range of technical trail and enhanced terrain features. The park is designed to become a hub for the community and directly engage and inspire local youth, young adults and families in a sport that promotes healthy, active, outdoor lifestyles and provides exciting, challenging and rewarding experiences.

  • 300-Acre Progression Based Bike Park
  • 16-Mile Purpose Built Trail System
  • 7-Specialized Riding Areas
  • 10-National Level Racing and Competition Venues
  • Professional Integrated Event Infrastructure
  • World Class Destination Tourism Amenities


Bike Park Design and Planning:

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