Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor


The Capital Funding Plan goal is to raise a total of $2,000,000 to fund the construction of the park and to establish a fund to help pay for the ongoing annual maintenance and operations of the park. All project funds will be managed by the Vigo County Parks and Recreation Department and processed through the Wabash Valley CommunityFoundation

Why Fund The Project?

Economic Impact

Create an immediate, positive, social and economic impact for the community by providing world class recreational access for local residents and a destination riding area for the region.

Healthy Active Communities

Get more kids, more adults and more families off the couch and away from the computer screens and engaged in healthy active lifestyles.

“The best way to fight obesity is to establish a healthy active lifestyle that you share with your family and friends.”

Environmental Awareness

Inspire the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts by encouraging the exploration of the dynamic terrain and environment in the park while catching air and laughing out loud.

Why Become a Funding Partner?

Funding partners provide critical capital funding for the construction of the bike park and the establishment of the operational fund to maintain and operate the park once it is built.

★ Foundation Grants – Impact

Foundation partners have a unique opportunity to enable significant economic development and promote active lifestyles for an entire community.

★ Corporate Sponsors – Brand Affiliation

Corporate sponsors benefit from a strong brand affiliation with destination tourism riders who take their sport and their recreational lifestyles seriously.

★ Individual Major Donors – Legacy

Individual major donors have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

★ Grassroots Donors – Community

Grassroots donations provide the core funding to directly support ongoing park maintenance and operations and the volunteer support effort.

Funding Partner Benefits

Partners receive comprehensive recognition benefits online, onsite, in project PR and marketing and at special events managed by the Friends of Griffin Bike Park. Depending upon each partner’s specific funding goals and objectives, benefits can be customized to provide the most significant impact.

Every little bit counts…

Donate today and help your Griffin Bike Park community GROW!