Riding Areas

Riding Areas

7-Specialized Riding Areas

Specialized Riding Areas are designed to provide a wide range of riding features and elements for specific riding styles and disciplines.

★ 5-Acre “LZ” Landing Zone Terrain Park

The “LZ” Terrain Park is designed to provide competition level riding elements and venues.

Kids Track

Pump Track

Dirt Jumps

Dual Slalom Course

XC Eliminator Course

★ 7-Acre Basic Training Skills Park

The “Basic Training” skills park is dedicated to developing the core riding skills. A one-mile kids loop trail provides first timers with a taste of real mountain biking, winding through a grassy meadow and the rolling contours around a small lake in the woods. With more than 20 optional, technical skills features along the way, the trail doubles as a skills trail for more advanced riders.

1.1-Mile “Basic Training” Kids Loop Trail

.6-Mile Little Kids Loop Trail

.5-Mile Big Kids Loop Trail

11-Skills Loop Features

5-Beginner Skills Features

5-Intermediate Skills Features

★ 4-Proving Grounds Skills Areas

Four multi-acre skills areas interspersed throughout the trail system providing focused drop skills, jump skills and pump skills for beginner, intermediate and advanced level riders.

★ “Seal Team” Water Training Park

The “Seal Team” Water Training Park will include a water trail and a lake jump for special events.

Skills Progression Lake Jump

Skills Progression Lake Trail