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Beginning on Sunday, May 19th at 2PM!!
The thyssenkrupp Presta North America Pump Track Series!
Bring your speed and skills to Griffin Bike Park to race on the Pro Pump Track for prizes and bragging rights! This is a five-race series and will culminate with the Finals on September 21. This race will be a time trial individual style racing against the clock and your competition times. Your best 3 attempts will be averaged to find a winner. This will determine class champions for each age group and overall points for the race series.
This race is a BMX-style race, BMX and mountain bikes are highly recommended. We encourage all racers to arrive early to check out the pump track and register! Registration is ONLY $15 and the day of the first race begins at 10:00 A.M.
General rules
• If an athlete is younger than 18 years, his parents have to sign the “waiver for minors“ and bring this to the onsite check-in. No waiver = no ride.
• Riders are allowed to participate in as many races as they choose. The best 4 out of 5 races plus the Finals count towards season-end awards.
• All riders have to register and sign the waiver 1st before going on the track for free practice.
• Riders are free to choose their preferred bike. The bike must not have an engine.
• The start will be placed in a way that gives MTB and BMX equal chances.
• Riders will go one at a time.
• Riders get ready with one foot on the ground, the other foot on the pedal,. The time starts running as soon as the rider crosses their start/finish timing line and stops when they cross it again.
• Riders must run 3 laps. Your 3 best laps will be averaged to determine your time and placing.
Please note:
Rider safety
• Riders will bring all equipment needed in a fully operational condition.
• The bike should have at least 1 rear brake.
• No bikes with any kind of automatic transmission, pedal-assist motors, or engines.
• No protruding parts on the bike, which can injure other riders (such as pegs).
• Protective gear.
• Helmet: open face mandatory, full face recommended.
• T-shirt is mandatory, long sleeve with pads is recommended.
• Long pants or knee protection is recommended.
• Shoes mandatory, no flip flops or open shoes.
• Gloves recommended.
Age Classes
Men and Women: Strider Bike
• 7 and Under
• 8-10
• 11-14
• 15-18
• Adult
Top 3 to each class per race.
Top 5 per class Season Awards.
For more information, please contact Griffin Bike Park via messenger. Or call 812-462-3392