Trail System

Trail System

20+Mile Progression Based Trail System

The premiere 2-+mile purpose built, progression-based, stacked loop trail system will include two multi-use core trails and beginner, intermediate and advanced bike specific trail networks.


★ 2-Core Trails

The two core trails provide multi-use access to the entire park for runners, hikers and cyclists. A bit wider than the network trails, the core trails allow for easier passing, with many pull outs and regrouping areas for larger groups. During races and competitions these design features provide critical passing zones for riders and designated areas for first aid stations, course marshal locations, etc.

4.5-Mile Perimeter Loop Trail

The perimeter loop trail will provide access around the entire property and all network trail areas.

1.5-Mile Stryker Lake Loop Trail

The lake loop trail will provide access around Stryker Lake with stunning views and several scenic overlooks.

★ 3-Progressive Trail Networks

The network trails will be designed to provide progression based experiences, maximize flow and will have technical trail features increasing in difficulty.

4-Mile Beginner Trail Network

4-Mile Intermediate Trail Network

4-Mile Advanced Trail Network

★ 100-Enhanced Terrain and Technical Trail Features

Throughout the trail system enhanced terrain and technical trail features will be provided as optional lines for riders wanting to progress their skills.