5. Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer and Support the Griffin Bike Park

Volunteer Opportunities:

There are many volunteer opportunities at the Griffin Bike Park from clearing and grubbing and trail building to event support and administrative tasks, and so much more. Three ways to find out about upcoming volunteer opportunities:

  1. Visit the Griffin Bike Park Facebook Page for upcoming Events.
  2. View the Griffin Bike Park Calendar of Events.
  3. Email Rich Moore, Manager, Griffin Bike Park, and request information about volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Activity Summary:



Supporting Organization Volunteer Activity:

Our Supporting Organizations have contributed the following volunteer hours to the development of the Griffin Bike Park.

Supporting Organization
181st Air National Guard55100155
Alpha Sigma Alpha30030
American Structurepoint42147468
Friends Committee4,21429727,186
Friends Official Members113108221
GE Aviation461282.5744
Girl Scouts22022
Illiana Multisport19019
Indiana State University628213841
Indiana State University ROTC505
J's BIKES8135311,344
LDS Missionaries446233679
National Pan-Hellenic Council26026
Premier Homes0413413
Rose-Hulman University165151.5316
Rose-Hulman University Baseball0116116
Rose-Hulman University ROTC25429
Signature Construction, LLC0561.5562
Sumansky-Lewis Foundation0681681
Terre Haute South High School278143.5422
Terre Haute Young Leaders83122205
Wells Fargo264.530
WTWO News070.570.5

Friends of Griffin Bike Park Volunteer Trailbuilders:

Volunteer Name
Supporting Organization
100+ Hours!
500+ Hours!
1,000+ Hours!
Barrett, JordanFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee/Rose-Hulman University25
Crandell NikiFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee/ Kellogg's115*
Griffin, BlakeFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee816**
Griffin, ClintFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee1,181***
Griffin, DonaFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee893**
Griffin, GeneFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee1,407***
Hammons, GrantFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee/ J's Bike Team 13
Hansel, BradyFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee/ Terre Haute Young Leaders197*
Harnack, JerryFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee/ J's Bike Team 157*
Hastings, MattFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee/ GE Aviation299*
Hoffeditz, JennyFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee76
Maffioli, DonnyFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee17
Moore, DarlaFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee/ J's Bike Team 205*
Moore, RichFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee/ J's Bike Team / Premier Homes995**
Newton, ChrisFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee2
Payne, BrianFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee/ American Structurepoint490*
Reich, JuliaFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee24
Sutphin, DaveFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee349*
Tanner, KlaineFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee/ Signature Construction1,057***
Threlfall, JeriahFriends of Griffin Bike Park Committee/ Indiana State University38
?, AubreeIndiana State University4
?, BriIndiana State University4
?, Joe3
?, JoshIndiana State University4
?, MackenzieIndiana State University4
?, MaloyojkeeIndiana State University3
?, NickolasIndiana State University3
?, SandraIndiana State University4
?, SarahIndiana State University4
?, Tom (Tan?)Rose-Hulman University4
?, ToniIndiana State University4
(?). Ben2
181st Air National Guard x3181st Air National Guard18
Achuthan (?), ArmanRose-Hulman University4
Adams, TyRose-Hulman University4
Addison, ShaiIndiana State University4
Aff, Jesse (?)Indiana State University4
Akers, Daniel (Elder)LDS Missionary17
Akers, LeeVectren2
Alayon, KodyRose-Hulman Baseball4
Allen, AustinRose-Hulman Baseball4
Anderson, EllieGirl Scouts1
Anderson, KathyGirl Scouts1
Anderson, Se'lahIndiana State University4
Andrews, AlyssaWTWO2
Andrews, AriannaIndiana State University3
Anthis, TaylorIndiana State University4
Asay, PaulIndiana State University3
Atkinson, KylieIndiana State University2
Atwa, NoraTerre Haute South High9
B (?), BurtTriangle Fraternity2
B. (?), MatthewTerre Haute South High4
Babel, MollyTerre Haute South High4
Bailey, RyanRose-Hulman University4
Bair, Bryson (Elder)LDS Missionary16
Baker, David Jr.National Pan-Hellenic Council2
Banks, JonathanRose-Hulman Baseball4
Barboza, (?) (Elder)LDS Missionary7
Barrett, SethIndiana State University4
Barrus, (?) (Sister)LDS Missionary12
Bauer, SavannaIndiana State University3
Baysinger, TJWTWO8
Beadle, NormanGE Aviation3
Beckett, Nathan9
Bednar, GaryTriangle Fraternity2
Beier, PeterIndiana State University3
Bell, D'MiraIndiana State University3
Bell, Emily3
Bendel, SeanRose-Hulman Baseball4
Bennie, JadeIndiana State University4
Beyer, NicoleHabitat for Humanity / Americorps4
Biddle, Justin6
Biehl, MitchellTriangle Fraternity2
Billings, RyanTriangle Fraternity2
Black, MarquiseIndiana State University3
Blanton, Ed13
Bobbitt, JordanIndiana State University3
Bonnell, ChesterRose-Hulman University4
Boones (?), Sam3
Bopp, Brian57
Bopp, Christopher Jon45
Borran (?), Jacob7
Bowen, Jim2
Bowley, MorganIndiana State University4
Boye, KaylaIndiana State University3
Boyer, Colby2
Boyers, S (?)3
Bracken, JenniferGE Aviation4
Brady, EmilyIndiana State University3
Brandenburg, JonathanTriangle Fraternity2
Brink, JocelynTerre Haute South High3
Brinza, Todd6
Britton, JonahIndiana State University4
Brooks, MadisonGirl Scouts1
Brown, GideonTerre Haute South High3
Brown, JasonGE Aviation3
Brown, SeanIndiana State University4
Brown, Steve9
Brummett, Evan10
Bryan, GordyWells Fargo, Terre Haute Branch4
Buffington, MirandaIndiana State University2
Buggs, KylaGirl Scouts1
Bunch, Shawn (VCPRD)9
Burd, MichaelIndiana State University5
Burke, PatTriangle Fraternity2
Burnett, (?) (Elder)LDS Missionary10
Burnside, DavidRose-Hulman Baseball4
Bush, Zachary (Elder)LDS Missionary15
Butchart, KatieIndiana State University3
Butler, JackRose-Hulman Baseball4
Butrum, Brad181st Air National Guard3
Butts, LeviTriangle Fraternity2
C. (?), Brent6
Cade, NasirIndiana State University3
Caissie (?), Lisette (?)Illiana Multisport2
Callahan, JoeyRose-Hulman Baseball4
Cammack, WillTerre Haute South High6
Campbell, Cory (Elder)LDS Missionary25
Campbell, SharonIndiana State University3
Canas, AliciaIndiana State University4
Caon, TroyVectren2
Caplin, Jordan (Elder)LDS Missionary22
Capps, LandenTriangle Fraternity2
Carithers, TiffanyGE Aviation5
Carone, JohnRose-Hulman Baseball4
Carpenter, Kelcie (Sister)LDS Missionary13
Carrera, LegzerTriangle Fraternity2
Carson, GraceTerre Haute South High4
Carter, KennethIndiana State University3
Carter, Leah BethIndiana State University4
Carter, ShyanneIndiana State University3
Case, C (?)2
Case, Dylan2
Caskey, Jerry9
Casser, AshleyTerre Haute South High3
Cervantes, VictoriaIndiana State University3
Chamberlin, BrandonTerre Haute South High4
Chapman, Greg7
Cheeks, VernonNational Pan-Hellenic Council2
Chilutti (?), DanTriangle Fraternity2
Christ, AshleyTriangle Fraternity2
Citron, RyanRose-Hulman University4
Clagee (?), Tyler6
Clark, Kip181st Air National Guard3
Clark, Mitch (Elder)LDS Missionary23
Clay, Dave8
Clay, KahlilIndiana State University3
Clay, KorinnaIndiana State University3
Clay, Landen4
Clay, Vanessa4
Claypool, TylerIlliana Multisport4
Clayson, (Sister)LDS Missionary2
Clayton, RyanTriangle Fraternity2
Clifton, Blake (Elder)LDS Missionary15
Close, KobyRose-Hulman Baseball4
Colbreatz, RiclhaIndiana State University3
Collazo, Veronica (Vero)Indiana State University4
Collins, (?) (Sister)LDS Missionary18
Collins, AustinIndiana State University4
Collins, JasonIndiana State University3
Collins, Jordan (Elder)LDS Missionary3
Collison, DarienTerre Haute South High19
Colon, Hector3
Compton, Clay14
Cooper, WadeTriangle Fraternity2
Cox, MikaylaGirl Scouts1
Crandell, GregKellogg's58
Crawford, Cody (Elder)LDS Missionary34
Crawford, RashadNational Pan-Hellenic Council2
Cress, MattWTWO4
Crisler, JonIndiana State University3
Crockett, BrianGE Aviation58
Crockett, RylanGE Aviation38
Crockett, StacyGE Aviation5
Crockett, WyattGE Aviation22
Crowder, Janet4
Cunningham, E.Triangle Fraternity2
Cury, ChristienTriangle Fraternity2
Cushler, MattGE Aviation7
Cushler, NicoleGE Aviation3
Custer, ShawnTerre Haute South High4
Cutler, Jennifer (Sister)LDS Missionary13
D. (?), AydeeTerre Haute South High4
Dael, Xerxes6
Dalloul, JosephTerre Haute South High8
Dauguila (?), DariusRose-Hulman University4
Davidson, Jwan26
Davidson, ShanidaIndiana State University4
Davis, Jaben22
DeBerry, AnthoneyIndiana State University3
Delaney, Heather5
DeLeon, JoshIndiana State University4
DeMab, JonathnTriangle Fraternity2
Dening, LawrenceGE Aviation18
Denny, JustinVectren13
Didier, KimVectren14
Diehl, Eric181st Air National Guard3
Dillion, Scott11
Dimpny, ErinIndiana State University3
Domina, EmilyIndiana State University3
Domke, MichaelRose-Hulman University4
Donick, Joey4
Donnelly, ZachRose-Hulman Baseball4
Dougherty, MichaelWTWO5
Douglas, Jamie4
Douthitt, SamIndiana State University4
Dow, Seth4
Dowd, MurphyTriangle Fraternity2
Dowell, Shane11
Downing, BenIndiana State University3
Dresen, AlexIndiana State University4
Driscoll, KilceurenIndiana State University3
Drummond, Jarom2
Dumas, VaughnIndiana State University3
Durbin, KyleIndiana State University3
Durham, StephenTriangle Fraternity3
During, TaylorIndiana State University4
Durphy (?), JohnTerre Haute South High4
E., KeithGibault3
Early, JarrettTerre Haute South High4
Earp, CalvinGE Aviation27
Easter, Anthony (Elder)LDS Missionary13
Eaton, Jerry181st Air National Guard3
Eckert, HaydenIndiana State University5
Edwards, JacobRose-Hulman Baseball4
Edwards, ShaniaIndiana State University3
Eineman, MichaelIndiana State University3
Eklund, JonTriangle Fraternity2
El-Alami, Majd8
Eldridge, MeganIndiana State University4
Ellis, Curt3
Endres, Rachel9
England, LaurenTerre Haute South High4
Ennis, BrookeIndiana State University3
Eschler, Nephi (Elder)LDS Missionary13
Esrer, JamesTerre Haute South High3
Essig, AmyTerre Haute South High9
Estrada, BirzavitIndiana State University4
Evans, IsabellaRose-Hulman University ROTC13
Evans, MichaelBemis4
Ewing, Jacob4
F., ThomasRose-Hulman University4
Fagin, LanceTerre Haute South High4
Falk, Jared7
Fansher, NevinRose-Hulman Baseball4
Faro, EvanWells Fargo, Terre Haute Branch/ Terre Haute South High5
Faro, JackWells Fargo, Terre Haute Branch4
Faro, JimWells Fargo, Terre Haute Branch4
Farrell, MorganIndiana State University4
Faught, J.J. IITerre Haute South High7
Fellhaver, AaronTriangle Fraternity2
Ferrell, RussTranscare6
Figeroi-Garland, CalebTriangle Fraternity2
Filipovic, (?) (Sister)LDS Missionary4
Fleck, GabrielIndiana State University15
Flemming, DerrickNational Pan-Hellenic Council2
Flynn, AubreyIndiana State University3
Folse, Drake14
Franklin, MarshawnIndiana State University3
Fraternity Group14
Freeman, NicholasIndiana State University3
Frey, Leo83
Friedrich, RyanTerre Haute South High6
Frye, Andy29
Frye, Autumn2
Frye, Daniel6
Fu, ZhangRose-Hulman University4
Furtner, MitchellIndiana State University4
G (?), Luke3
Gambill, MadelynGirl Scouts1
Gambill, StephannieGirl Scouts1
Ganis, WilliamIndiana State University119*
Garbett, Weston (Elder)LDS Missionary11
Gardner, JohnJ's Bike Team/ Rose-Hulman University 7
Gauer, Annie5
Geavin (?), JinTriangle Fraternity2
Geiger, JeffIndiana State University5
Gerkin, BurtonRose-Hulman Baseball4
Gibson, LeonaTerre Haute South High5
Gilbert, KathrynAlpha Sigma Alpha2
Gilhoolz, RoryTriangle Fraternity2
Gill, Keshmin7
Gill, MathiasIndiana State University3
Glass, LeoTriangle Fraternity2
Glauser, TygerTriangle Fraternity2
Glaziner, MarianneTerre Haute South High14
Godfrey, TristanGE Aviation5
Goehring, BobTriangle Fraternity2
Goldbort, JuliaIlliana Multisport1
Good, Annie5
Good, Matt5
Goodman, G. (?)Triangle Fraternity2
Gothrup, SandraIndiana State University3
Grabowski, KateTerre Haute South High4
Grady, JeffIndiana State University22
Grady, Jeff, Friend ofIndiana State University4
Grady, Josh6
Graham, DevinIndiana State University4
Grant, IanRose-Hulman Baseball4
Green, Latrell6
Gregg, AnthonyIndiana State University3
Greidous, JoelRose-Hulman University4
Griffin, Alex4
Griffin, Cali12
Griffin, Clint Kids1
Griffin, Eli4
Griffin, Jack4
Griffin, Liberty4
Griffin, Melissa33
Griffith, NoahGE Aviation5
Grim, Fred6
Grimm, Mark2
Grimm, Taylor2
Grossman, Adam2
Gum, Brad 32
H., ErrickIndiana State University4
Haag, Sara10
Hadley, ShawnPremier Homes6
Hagedorn, DannyIndiana State University4
Hale, CristenAlpha Sigma Alpha2
Haley, AJIndiana State University4
Hall, KarlieIndiana State University3
Hall, KeithNational Pan-Hellenic Council2
Hanberg, ScottTriangle Fraternity2
Hannaford, RyanTerre Haute South High6
Hansen, Cameron (Elder)LDS Missionary8
Hanson, Allyson (Sister)LDS Missionary6
Hanson, Cody2
Harbaugh, Joel3
Harding, DanielleGE Aviation5
Hardy, JanshorIndiana State University4
Harper, JessieIndiana State University3
Harston, (?) (Elder)LDS Missionary12
Hart, AlyssaAlpha Sigma Alpha2
Hart, GarrettTerre Haute South High8
Hartwig, SabrinaIndiana State University3
Harvey, BenAmerican Structurepoint2
Haskins, MitchellTriangle Fraternity2
Hastings, JessicaGE Aviation5
Haugen, AndrewIndiana State University4
Hawkey, Amelia2
Hayes, BradJ's Bike Team20
Hayes, Jim4
Hayes, Marek12
Hayhurst, CalebIndiana State University8
Hazenfeld, CharlieTriangle Fraternity2
He, XiaoTriangle Fraternity2
Heather D. guy-friend2
Hedrich, MichelleGE Aviation4
Helbling, ConnerRose-Hulman Baseball4
Helton, CoryTerre Haute South High3
Helton, CoryTerre Haute South High7
Henderson, Roy181st Air National Guard3
Henderson, ScottVectren7
Herald, ShylaIndiana State University4
Herring, GlennIndiana State University4
Hetzel, MattTerre Haute Young Leaders3
Hightower, Jeanne30
Hightower, SamanthaIndiana State University3
Hines, JaylonIndiana State University4
Hoback, Frankie2
Hochmith, AndreTriangle Fraternity2
Hoffert, JakeTriangle Fraternity2
Hoffman, BenRose-Hulman Baseball4
Hogue, BrittniIndiana State University3
Holloway, AaronIndiana State University3
Holmes, Dawn6
Holmes, Jared75
Holmes, Keith13
Holmes, Sara4
Horsley, AlonsoTerre Haute South High9
Howell, DiamondIndiana State University4
Howlett, Tanner (Elder)LDS Missionary17
Hu, TerryTriangle Fraternity2
Huang, SiyuanRose-Hulman University4
Hubbert, LonyaIndiana State University3
Hughes, KaylaTerre Haute South High4
Hullinger, Ian (Elder)LDS Missionary7
Hults, IkeGE Aviation4
Hults, NancyGE Aviation4
Hults, NolanGE Aviation4
Hummel, OliviaGirl Scouts1
Hutchinson, Paul4
Iacono, Michael9
Ivan, Amy (Sister)LDS Missionary13
Izenstara, MatthewTriangle Fraternity2
Jackson, DestiniIndiana State University3
Jackson, PhillipTerre Haute South High4
Jacobs, KurtTriangle Fraternity2
Jenkins, CorryTerre Haute Airport PD6
John, ChelseaAlpha Sigma Alpha2
Johnson, CamdenTerre Haute South High5
Johnson, Donald Jr. Indiana State University3
Johnson, LeviTerre Haute South High10
Johnson, LukeTerre Haute South High4
Johnson, NathanielIndiana State University3
Johnson, PaulAmerican Structurepoint2
Johnson, Tyler4
Jones, Jerry7
Jones, Joseph (Elder)LDS Missionary22
Jones, LawrenceIndiana State University3
Jones, TyraIndiana State University3
Jones, Wade4
Jordan, HaleyAlpha Sigma Alpha2
Judy, Kent181st Air National Guard3
Jukes, Amanda2
Jukes, J.D.2
Julian, Sara9
Jungle, TopherTriangle Fraternity2
Kalonia, NishankTriangle Fraternity2
Kanst, NoahTriangle Fraternity2
Kasameyer, Joan4
Kaufman, AudreyAlpha Sigma Alpha2
Kaur, HarleenTerre Haute South High4
Khan, LeTriangle Fraternity2
Kieft, Kevin9
Kimmel, JasonIndiana State University9
Kincade, DougJ's Bike Team12
Kirsch, EthanTerre Haute South High4
Kirtley, PriyeTerre Haute South High5
Kish, Kara (VCPRD)Terre Haute Young Leaders3
Kissel, CalebRose-Hulman Baseball4
Kissel, TedJaycee Park Board48
Klima, PatrickRose-Hulman Baseball4
Koerner, Jason2
Koerner, Todd2
Koon, AiyanaIndiana State University4
Koutnik, JoshRose-Hulman Baseball4
Kreke, CalvinIndiana State University7
Kretschmer, (?) (Elder)LDS Missionary5
Kuhl, Ryan4
Kulp, BenVigo County Emergency Communications16
Kulp, Brandy2
Kulp, Jaime2
Kulp, Lesia13
Kumar, ChamanTerre Haute South High3
Kumar, NeelTriangle Fraternity2
Kuteer (?), LoganTriangle Fraternity2
L. (?), AlexanderRose-Hulman University4
Lady, SydneyIndiana State University3
Lasagna, David181st Air National Guard3
Lawson, AustinIndiana State University3
Lee, DaishaIndiana State University3
Lee, MichaelRose-Hulman University4
LeLoup, Gary7
LeLoup, Ian9
Letofsky, TaylorIndiana State University4
Lewis, YasmeenIndiana State University4
Liang, AndongRose-Hulman University4
Lim, IanRose-Hulman University4
Lindave, AshliIndiana State University3
Lindsay, KaylaAlpha Sigma Alpha2
Lochtefeld (?), JasonIlliana Multisport2
Lopez, J.R.2
Lorsch, Patrick (Elder)LDS Missionary12
Loveall, Terri4
Luckett, Nigel2
Luckett, Nyah2
Lunsdon, EthanTerre Haute South High3
Lutz, CarrieIlliana Multisport2
Lutz, EricIlliana Multisport2
Lyons, KayleeIndiana State University3
M. (?), Rich4
Maberry, SydneeIndiana State University3
Mabie, DaraIndiana State University4
MacDonald, BriannaAlpha Sigma Alpha2
Mackey, Makayla1
Madrigal, NoahTriangle Fraternity2
Magill, DylanTerre Haute South High22
Magill, Maverick20
Malganver, Se'lahIndiana State University4
Mallard, RandyNational Pan-Hellenic Council2
Mannix, JoshIndiana State University4
Manson, RobertTriangle Fraternity2
Marcum, NatalieIndiana State University3
Mardini, JulieTerre Haute South High4
Marietta, Dustin1
Marietta, Mike6
Markison, PhilRose-Hulman University8
Marlow, TravisVectren7
Martin, AllisonGirl Scouts1
Martin, CassidyGirl Scouts1
Martin, CherylGirl Scouts1
Martin, JacobTriangle Fraternity2
Martinez, MariaTerre Haute South High4
Martinez, NathanTriangle Fraternity2
Martog, RubenTriangle Fraternity2
Maschmann, MattTriangle Fraternity2
Mathes, LoisWTWO3
Mattingly, MeghanAlpha Sigma Alpha2
Mattox, Tony10
Mauder, BethIndiana State University3
McCarty, Bill4
McClury, DanielleAlpha Sigma Alpha2
McDaniel, LoganRose-Hulman Baseball4
McDowell (?), JamesMorro Trucking6
McIntire, Chad181st Air National Guard15
McKimmy, Dave3
McLaughlin, TrentIndiana State University3
McMurray, Cody8
McMurray, Shawn30
McNeal, ShalynnIndiana State University4
McPhillips, KyleIndiana State University3
McQuery, CarlNational Pan-Hellenic Council2
McSweeney, JohnRose-Hulman University27
Menachu (?), Suzi (?)2
Mendoza, CamilleTerre Haute South High12
Mendoza, FrancisTerre Haute South High12
Mercer, KaylaIndiana State University4
Merni, AndrewIndiana State University3
Michaels, Brittany2
Mickus, TaylorIndiana State University5
Milbourn, KloeAlpha Sigma Alpha2
Miles, ? (Sister)LDS Missionary15
Miller, ErinRose-Hulman University9
Miloiovic, FilipTriangle Fraternity2
Minor, LaurenWTWO4
Miranider (?), JulienTerre Haute South High4
Mitchell, Roy181st Air National Guard3
Mitchell, TaylorIndiana State University3
Moats, Jacob6
Moats, Kevin17
Moffett, JeremyNational Pan-Hellenic Council2
Mondragon, ? (Sister)LDS Missionary13
Monhaut, Joseph3
Monken, Vitor PenaIndiana State University3
Monroe, Randall181st Air National Guard3
Monser, MarisaTerre Haute South High4
Moore, Eric4
Moore, JeremyWTWO10
Moore, ZaneJ's Bike Team6
Moorehead, KaitlynTerre Haute South High5
Moorehead, Michael2
Moorhead, AlishaIlliana Multisport1
Moorhead, ConorIlliana Multisport1
Morales, Heisy6
Morgan, James181st Air National Guard3
Morris, DakotaNational Pan-Hellenic Council2
Morrissey, IanTriangle Fraternity2
Morse, Jane (Dobbs Park)5
Morse, Kyle181st Air National Guard18
Mortensen, AshleyGE Aviation3
Mortensen, GraceGE Aviation5
Mortensen, IsabelGE Aviation4
Mortensen, KristenGE Aviation3
Mortensen, TyroneGE Aviation11
Moyer, NickTriangle Fraternity2
Mueller, SamRose-Hulman University4
Muncie, RJ2
Mundel, MarcusGE Aviation5
Muniz, DanielIndiana State University3
Murphy, BryleyTriangle Fraternity2
Murphy, Kyle28
Murphy, Mason33
Myers, AaronFriends of Griffin Bike Park9
Myers, JosephIndiana State University4
N. (?), BrittneyTerre Haute South High4
Nagarajan, VarunTriangle Fraternity2
Neese, KarlIndiana State University5
Neff, Hillary (Sister)LDS Missionary22
Neice, ChrisBogey's4
Nerdt, Emily4
Nering, DavidGE Aviation4
Nering, TeresaGE Aviation4
Nering, TimGE Aviation4
Newbolt, RavenIndiana State University4
Newton, Joe12
Ngo, AndyTerre Haute South High4
Niemann, MichaelRose-Hulman University4
Norris, Chuck4
Norris, Kyle (Elder)LDS Missionary29
Novoor, MatthewTriangle Fraternity2
Oakes, JeremyIndiana State University3
Olson, (Sister)LDS Missionary2
Opel, BrettTriangle Fraternity2
Ourand, Rachael7
Owen, IsaiahIndiana State University3
Page, AugustIndiana State University3
Palmer, Jace (Elder)LDS Missionary6
Paramanandam, JuanWTWO2
Paramanandam, LilyGirl Scouts1
Park, Chul MinTriangle Fraternity2
Parker, SarahIndiana State University3
Patterson, Gary2
Pattyn, CarlyAlpha Sigma Alpha2
Pau'u, Uasi (Elder)LDS Missionary5
Pearson, Craig5
Pepper, SeanIndiana State University4
Pereira, DaveIndiana State University3
Peterson, EricIndiana State University9
Petrowski, Josh181st Air National Guard3
Pfister, Andy17
Phillips, Bobby4
Pickering, Claire5
Pickering, Jacob5
Pickering, Josh20
Pickering, Olivia5
Pictor, ColeTerre Haute South High4
Piepenbrina, Brian4
Piper, Julia2
Piper, SarahGirl Scouts1
Pirtle, Nicholas181st Air National Guard3
Plummer, MattTriangle Fraternity2
Porter, SaxonJ's Bike Team2
Porter, StromJ's Bike Team2
Post, JTIndiana State University4
Pottebaum, Ian4
Potter, Bruce181st Air National Guard7
Potter, DanielleGE Aviation4
Potter, JaamalVectren6
Pound, Stan5
Powe, Gregory181st Air National Guard15
Powers, SeanTriangle Fraternity2
Price, JoshAmerican Structurepoint2
Price, Robert6
Prichard, Mark181st Air National Guard7
Priddis, Brigham3
Priddis, Ian3
Priddis, Jaxen6
Priddis, Katie3
Priddis, Renee3
Priddis, Tom6
Protz, BrandyIndiana State University3
Prouse, ToriTerre Haute South High4
Pulliam, JermaineIndiana State University3
Pullum, MattTriangle Fraternity2
Purdue, ZackIndiana State University5
Purkey, AustinIndiana State University3
R., TravisIndiana State University3
R(?), JeremyTerre Haute South High3
Racop, GrantTerre Haute South High7
Rafaleo, ChloeGirl Scouts2
Randolph, CalebTerre Haute South High4
Ray, John8
Reece Cody4
Reece, Ally4
Reece, Curtis (Elder)LDS Missionary9
Reece, Rex4
Reed, George4
Reed, JamesNational Pan-Hellenic Council2
Reed, TylerIndiana State University3
Reedman, (?) (Elder)LDS Missionary8
Reidhead, (?) (Elder)LDS Missionary8
Relgea, KyleTriangle Fraternity2
Renehan, Jamie181st Air National Guard / Friends of Griffin Bike Park7
Reynolds, CraigJ's Bike Team 9
Reza, PeterTriangle Fraternity2
Rice, JonathanIndiana State University3
Rice, Tammy4
Rich, MalloryGirl Scouts1
Richardson, VanessaIndiana State University4
Riggs, JadynGirl Scouts1
Riggs, JosieGirl Scouts1
Ring, Julie4
Rizzolo, PaulTriangle Fraternity2
Robinson, Renado4
Robinson, Robert10
Rogers, AshleyTerre Haute South High28
Rogers, Ava18
Rogers, Todd165*
Rogutich, AdamIndiana State University4
Rompola, RyanIndiana State University6
Rothrock, Brad11
Rowe, JustinTerre Haute South High4
Rowe, MichaelRose-Hulman University4
Russell, ElizabethIndiana State University3
Russo, AshtonTriangle Fraternity2
Rutvi, ShahTerre Haute South High4
Sanders, ChristianIndiana State University3
Sanders, Jonathan126*
Sanders, TimWTWO2
Sands, ShelbyIndiana State University4
Savva, PavelTriangle Fraternity2
Scamihorn, NatalieTerre Haute South High3
Scarbrough, SamanthaTerre Haute South High4
Schafer, MarkGE Aviation3
Schafer, MasonGE Aviation3
Scherle, Jan3
Schitter, JadeIndiana State University6
Schmalzried, EmilyIndiana State University4
Schmidt, Jake3
Schmitz, ?3
Schnitz, DrewRose-Hulman Baseball4
Schoonover, Alex9
Scott, BrandonDIY Rentals128*
Scott, Hannah2
Scoville, Gage (Elder)LDS Missionary6
Seeman, SamanthaIndiana State University5
Segura, Ezra (Elder)LDS Missionary6
Seiler, CatherineIndiana State University4
Selbe, BrandonIndiana State University3
Settle, CalebTriangle Fraternity2
Shagley, AliceWells Fargo, Terre Haute Branch4
Shagley, EleanorWells Fargo, Terre Haute Branch3
Shagley, GeorgeWells Fargo, Terre Haute Branch4
Shagley, RichardWells Fargo, Terre Haute Branch4
Shah, D. (?)Girl Scouts1
Shah, HailyGirl Scouts1
Shah, RuthTerre Haute South High4
Shake, RickVectren14
Shanhoo, ScottRose-Hulman University4
Sharpee, Tyler16
Shaw, Amy (Sister)LDS Missionary26
Shaw, Mike16
Sheaf, JacobTriangle Fraternity2
Shepard, ToddVectren4
Sherman, Josh5
Shipley, ConnerRose-Hulman Baseball4
Short, JeffreyGE Aviation9
Siahmdcoun (?), SaayehTerre Haute South High4
Silcock, BeverlyGE Aviation4
Simmons, Kaetyln (Sister)LDS Missionary6
Sluder, PattyWTWO5
Smith, AmandaIndiana State University9
Smith, Aunna (?)National Pan-Hellenic Council2
Smith, Claire6
Smith, ColeWTWO5
Smith, EssenceAlpha Sigma Alpha2
Smith, KaylaIndiana State University3
Smith, MirendaIndiana State University3
Smith, SamFriends of Griffin Bike Park14
Snyder, Nicole3
Sokoloff, ChrisRose-Hulman Baseball4
Solberg, SarahIndiana State University4
Solmon, Logan11
Solmon, RudyFriends of Griffin Bike Park184*
Soms, AramisIndiana State University3
Sorensen, (?) (Sister)LDS Missionary11
Sorenson, DrewTriangle Fraternity2
Spangler, RyanRose-Hulman University4
Sparks, Brandon1
Spears, ZacharyRose-Hulman University4
Spencer, EdwardTriangle Fraternity2
Spindler, MattIndiana State University4
Spitzig, BeccaIndiana State University9
Spurgeon, Buddy11
Sritharan, JayTriangle Fraternity2
Stafford, DrakeIndiana State University3
Stakeman, Jackson6
Stakeman, Jeremy72
Stamper, MattTerre Haute South High7
Stapleton, JessieTriangle Fraternity2
Starr, JessicaIndiana State University14
Steets, AndrewTriangle Fraternity2
Steiner, TrevorIndiana State University4
Sterling, AustinIndiana State University3
Stevenson, Drake181st Air National Guard4
Stewart, JasmineIndiana State University3
Stofferahn, KateGirl Scouts1
Stokes, AlizaeIndiana State University3
Stout, DaveJ's Bike Team 2
Stout, JakeJ's Bike Team 3
Strohm (?), Stan1
Stucker, Chris4
Studey, ChuckGE Aviation4
Stull, AndrewRose-Hulman Baseball4
Sturgess, LuccesWTWO2
Sturgess, MichelleWTWO2
Sturgess, TimWTWO6
Sumansky-Lewis Fndtn, BrianSumansky-Lewis Foundation132
Sumansky-Lewis Fndtn, GregSumansky-Lewis Foundation167
Sumansky-Lewis Fndtn, JohnSumansky-Lewis Foundation96
Sumansky-Lewis Fndtn, SammySumansky-Lewis Foundation64
Sumansky, BillSumansky-Lewis Foundation137
Sumansky, TorySumansky-Lewis Foundation86
Sunderhaus, CodyRose-Hulman Baseball4
Sutherland, DanielRose-Hulman Baseball4
Sutphin, Beth13
Swadener (?), Kurt (?)WTWO8
T (?), Namsay (?)Rose-Hulman University4
Taka, Captain (Elder)LDS Missionary18
Tan, Mike (?)Rose-Hulman University4
Tanner, Bryant (Elder)LDS Missionary8
Tanner, ChloeSignature Construction27
Tanner, JonathanSignature Construction77
Tanner, KelleySignature Construction26
Tanner, SethSignature Construction50
Targett, EmilyTerre Haute South High4
Tasseff, BenIndiana State University3
Taylor, Mark181st Air National Guard9
Tevlin, LaurenGirl Scouts1
Thomas, ? (Elder)LDS Missionary8
Thomas, JoeFriends of Griffin Bike Park8
Thomas, VincentIndiana State University3
Thompson, Miranda4
Thorlton, JeffGE Aviation4
Thorlton, NaomiGE Aviation4
Thralls, ZachGE Aviation9
Threlfall, Vince2
Threllfall, Archie2
Threllfall, Preston2
Tincher, Scott181st Air National Guard3
Tomes, Aaron5
Tramp, MitchTriangle Fraternity2
Trenshaw, JoeTriangle Fraternity2
Tribble, KevinIndiana State University3
Trinkle, Samantha6
Trisler, KenzieAlpha Sigma Alpha2
Truett, AllisonIndiana State University3
Trusk, ZachRose-Hulman Baseball4
Tubbs, EthanTriangle Fraternity2
Turner, Tory2
Tyler, Erwin6
Tyler, TakiaIndiana State University3
U(?), M(?)Terre Haute South High3
Valcour, GeorgesRose-Hulman University ROTC14
Van Denburg, JayJ's Bike Team 9
Van Denburg, JoeJ's Bike Team 29
VanGilder, Vic4
Vanharen, Jayce (Elder)LDS Missionary13
Vanlandingham, Brent14
Vectren Operators (4)28
Voges, DanielleTerre Haute South High9
Volny, ChrisTriangle Fraternity2
Wadsworth, EricIndiana State University14
Wallace, JacobIndiana State University ROTC9
Wallace, Robert (Elder)LDS Missionary7
Waltemeyer, AlexandraTriangle Fraternity2
Walthall, Eric5
Walthall, Thomas5
Walton, Zack (Elder)LDS Missionary2
Ward, MarkVectren7
Warner, AaronTerre Haute South High12
Warner, JourneyTerre Haute South High8
Warren, Alaina1
Warren, J. (?)1
Webb, GillianTerre Haute South High4
Webber, Chris17
Wechselberger, MarcusRose-Hulman Baseball4
Wehrmeyer, ZachFriends of Griffin Bike Park5
Weitzel, Noah (Elder)LDS Missionary14
Weng, Anthea4
Weng, AnthonyTerre Haute South High4
West, Daniel (Elder)LDS Missionary22
West, EmilyIndiana State University9
Westerhouse, QuinnTerre Haute South High9
Weston, NicoleIndiana State University3
Wetnight, Austin181st Air National Guard14
Wheelden, Robyn7
Wheeler, Ben3
Wheeler, LexieAlpha Sigma Alpha2
White, Elias7
White, MichelleIndiana State University4
Whitfield, Tyler4
Wilkinson, Darren2
Wilkinson, Jake2
Wilkinson, KiraTerre Haute South High4
Wilkinson, Megan (Sister)LDS Missionary13
Williams, Erin3
Williams, ShelbyGE Aviation8
Williams, Stanford Jr.National Pan-Hellenic Council2
Williams, Steve4
Williams, TerrenceNational Pan-Hellenic Council2
Williams, TonyIlliana Multisport2
Williford, HaileyIndiana State University3
Wilson, Fred23
Wilson, Karen3
Wilson, MattIndiana State University4
Wilson, MeghanTerre Haute South High4
Witsken, EvanRose-Hulman Baseball4
Wolf, Gegory181st Air National Guard3
Wood, Patrick10
Woodard, NicoleIlliana Multisport2
Woolsley, (?) (Elder)LDS Missionary19
Woolston, Austin2
Woolston, Phil12
Workman, Angie6
Wridner, Phil2
Wright, AbbyIndiana State University3
Wright, David9
Wright, Ernie181st Air National Guard3
Wright, JordanRose-Hulman University ROTC6
Y. (?), BenjaminTriangle Fraternity2
Yarbrough, KristenIndiana State University3
Ybarra, JoeIndiana State University4
Yeagley, EricaTerre Haute South High4
Yeagley, LilyTerre Haute South High8
Yeagley, Luke2
Young, CorianaIndiana State University3
Young, StacyTerre Haute Young Leaders3
Youngen, GregJ's Bike Team 19
Yowell, BruceWTWO5
Zachary, TannerTerre Haute South High3
Zdunovicios, ZackRose-Hulman University 4
Zimmerman, Jeff160*
Zimmerman, RussellTriangle Fraternity2
Adams, DakotaVigo County Emergency Communications18
Bell, John TVigo County Emergency Communications18
Booker, AndreaVigo County Emergency Communications5
Boyer, MicheleVigo County Emergency Communications3
Kester, BrianVigo County Emergency Communications18
Middleton, DaraVigo County Emergency Communications9
Miller, MardelVigo County Emergency Communications3
Olvey, JohnVigo County Emergency Communications6
Pfister, GeorgeVigo County Emergency Communications18
Vinardi, NickVigo County Emergency Communications18
Winters, DavidVigo County Emergency Communications18
Tanner, HaileySignature Construction26
Tanner, AbigailSignature Construction26
Nirtaut, Alec (Elder)LDS Missionary4
Wadley, (?) (Elder)LDS Missionary3
Darington, (?) (Elder)LDS Missionary3
ISU Students784**
2016 GRAND TOTAL:7,258
2015 GRAND TOTAL:7,508
2014 GRAND TOTAL:1,383
Work Day Description:

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